Torpedo Diver Musky

Product Code: 8 oz Musky
Price: $20.00$21.99

Medium Torpedo Divers are used when you want your lure further from the boat or when you want to pass over a larger Torpedo Diver using Offshore Inline Boards (see angle on charts). You will require more output line to reach the same depths and thus your lures are further away from the boat turbulence. Medium sized Torpedo Divers are used for fish that are less aggressive.


  • Length: 8 ¼”
  • Weight: 8 oz
  • Set up is more then 2 times faster then a flat disk diver.
  • 2 mph @ 55 feet of 30lb braid or wire line out = 40 feet down.
  • Package includes one Torpedo Diver Musky with Directional Fins and one Torpedo Fixed Slider Snap Swivel.

Using the Torpedo Diver's Directional Fins. Bend the fin in the desired direction.

Torpedo Diver Setup Using the Torpedo Fixed Slider Snap Swivel

Torpedo Diver Setup Using the Church Clip


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