Rapala Jigging Rap W7

Product Code: SFC W7
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Price: $12.50

A minnow profile bait, the Jigging Rap swims in tantalizing circles when raised and lowered. Quick snap rod tip darts in sporadic motion.


  • Minnow Profile
  • Balanced Design
  • Environmental Zinc Weighted
  • UV, Glow & Standard Colors
  • Single Reversed Hooks
  • Center Treble & Eyelet
Model Running Depth Body Length Weight Hooks
W2 Variable 3/4" 1/8 oz One No. 14
W3 Variable 1-1/2" 3/16 oz One No. 12
W5 Variable 2" 5/16 oz One No. 10
W7 Variable 2-3/4" 5/8 oz One No. 7
W9 Variable 3-1/2" 7/8 oz


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