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Long Deep - 5.25"

  • Custom Quality Hand Painted
  • Floating
  • Length: 5¼”
  • Weight: 15/32 oz
  • Running Depth: 14 – 17’
  • #4 Treble Hooks
  • Rattle
  • Stainless Steel Split Rings and Wire Eyes
  • Made in the USA

The Bay Rat Lures Long Deep is a custom quality, hand painted, floating, deep diving, stickbait, constructed with 100% USA made materials and components.

The Bay Rat Lures Long Deep trolls to depths of 14 – 17 feet. Being very speed tolerant, this lure can be run from speeds of 1.5 mph up to 3.0 mph, making it suitable for a wide variety of species. The Bay Rat Lures Long Deep produces the same action whether it is cast or trolled. The Bay Rat Lures Long Deep is great for when fish drop slightly deeper in the water column and cannot be reached by shallower running lures.

The Bay Rat Lures Long Deep is tested and proven; flat-lined on monofilament and braided lines, on lead core, and on wire. The Bay Rat Lures Long Deep can be trolled at higher speeds for salmonids, cast or trolled at slower speeds to peel finicky walleye and bass from structural features, or used to entice a wide variety of saltwater species.


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